Interesting facts about Congress Vice President: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi is India’s drifting politician hailing from Nehru family. Rahul Gandhi Facts are immensely viral these days. He is the grandson of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and child of Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi. Having a place with such an iconic family, this young politician was born on 19th June 1970 holding an immense responsibility on his shoulders of taking the country forward with his great deeds.

Rahul Gandhi is a standout amongst the most talked politician in the present political period, not due to his political work but rather in light of the fact that he has kept on amusing not just the officials of political parties with his funny approaches but also a huge number of people around the world.

In spite of the fact that having a place with the beneficiary of the Gandhi administration, one thing about Rahul Gandhi is that he has nothing concrete in his political profession to take the country higher than ever.

Interested in knowing fascinating realities about Rahul Gandhi achievement ? Let’s take a look on some lesser known facts about Rahul Gandhi


1. Early Life of Rahul Gandhi:

Rahul Gandhi who is presently a 48-year-old politician is the oldest child of Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi. He is known for changing various schools because of consistent dangers spinning around him. From finishing his tutoring from Dehradun and New Delhi, Bachelor qualification from Stephen College, New Delhi to moving to Harvard University to seek higher education, his education was completed in the United Kingdom where he completed his M.Phil. After the death of his dad, it is said that Rahul returned to India and from that point took admission in Rollin’s school. On finishing his education, the young son of Gandhi family began his profession as an advisor in a London based firm.

2. His Life Before Politics:

It is said that before Rahul started his political vocation, he had built up his profession by opening his outsourcing firm in Mumbai by the name Backops Services Private Ltd. Additionally, he worked with a management consulting firm Monitor Group in London.

3. Going into Political Profession:

Rahul Gandhi is the Member of Parliament from Rajiv Gandhi’s, his dad’s constituency in Amethi, situated in Uttar Pradesh. Aside from that, he also serves as the general secretary of the Indian National Congress. In addition to that, before the admission of BJP party in 2014, he was filling in as a leader of the Indian Youth Congress. Currently, Rahul is chosen as a Vice President of Congress.

4. Speaking His Mind Out:

Because of outspoken personality, Rahul Gandhi has been trolled greatly a lot of time and has likewise arrived into inconveniences. He once talked his heart out by saying that India is more in a bad position by Hindus as opposed to Muslims and he was then criticized for such platitudes. Not just this, after Mumbai Blast, Rahul said that it isn’t possible to prevent every terrorist act, however should be dealt at grass root level. Rahul Gandhi Biography and Past Life is also posted on our blog check it out.

5. Warding off his Personal Life:

Rahul Gandhi has constantly kept his personal life away from everybody. This political leader becomes secretive when questions were asked about his personal life. One primary reason for this is due to the numerous assault threats he has received over a period of time.

6. Getting Arrested:

It was in the year 2011 that Rahul Gandhi was captured by UP police in Bhatta Parsaul town when he was en route to meet fomented farmers requesting additional money from landowners who had bought the land for expressway development venture. However, he was later discharged, 3 hours after being captured and from that point was requested to leave the place and go to Delhi.

7. Turning into a Strategy Consultant:

You might get surprised knowing the fact that Rahul Gandhi was announced as a farmer by the official site of Congress in the year 2004. However, later in 2009, Rahul in the wake of winning the Lok Sabha elections was assigned the role of a strategy consultant.

8. Shrouded Relationships He Had:

The relationship is something that Rahul is by all accounts hiding in his life. He once talked in a conference to Indian Express Journalist clearing about the miss lead data about his girlfriend. He later told the media about his girlfriend, Veronique Cartelli. As indicated by reports, both Rahul and Veronique has studied together in a similar college and were said to be best friends all through.

9. The Essence:

Not just this, a couple of days back, in the parliament session, Rahul Gandhi was discovered acting casually with Prime Minister of India, Modi and was trolled by the media for the same.

He professedly embraced Modi, returned and winked his eyes to his party leader. Later on, Modi hammered the political leader and his mom Sonia Gandhi for their reckless conduct in the political period.